Besti: an interactive vr and 2d representation for grownups. Alter your friend’s intercourse, appearance, hairstyle, extras, and much more.


Really customizable

Unique types and looks include put on a regular basis.

No VR? No issue.

Besti deals with everything need. Even though the top event has been a high-end VR wireless headset, Besti can be played with a mouse and keyboard, or a cellular cellphone working Riftcat to emulate VR.

No copyright laws articles

Besti does not ship with any contents we don’t has a license or arrangement about.

While we’re definitely aiming to become appealing to cartoon pony followers, we’re staying away from any owned by someone else.

assist other individuals: assist yourself

Modify the consistency apply for your own buddy directly, arrange your residence home furniture the way you desire, and in upcoming variations, make moments, character meshes, and a lot more.

Besti 9 Element Truck

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Besti was designed to getting a sophisticated union simulator that isn’t certain to “normal” intimate interest objectives. Developed and created by Skunkfrakker–a person in the furry area for more than 20 years–Besti is made to attract people who find themselves typically ignored by higher-end for the adult industry.

What is the end goal? There’s an important space between comic strip pornography and also creating an intimate union with a cartoon fictional character. Besti is designed to correct that. Brand-new changes functioning towards that aim are revealed each week that add additional features, newer figures, and brand new engineering because they’re created or included.

Check it out to discover exactly how we’re starting! It really is absolve to begin and when you opt to help Skunkfrakker, obtain additional functions, special material, and much more.

Want to let Skunkfrakker out financially thus he doesn’t always have getting work doing things otherwise? He’d super be thankful!

Latest revisions

Appliance Guidelines – Minimum Poly Water

Latest Version: 0 The Besti SDK minimum Poly drinking water appliance allows you to develop small body that have a conventionalized low-poly aim to all of them. Water is actually totally shader powered so it deals with the GPU very quickly on all programs. They automatically adjusts its quality for just what an individual provides their Read more about Instrument Guide – Low Poly Water […]

Plot notes 9.96

Besti 9.96 ================================== ==New qualities== The friend founder might upgraded with a buddy that I’ve been inundated with via mail. We made the extras you may want to produce something similar to their. -A latest mane (“Hornball”) -A brand new tail (“Hornball”) -A tennis ball equipment to take a unicorn find out more about area records 9.96 […]

Spot records 9.95

Besti 9.95 ================================== ==Core upgrades== Backported the Besti X moist sounds creator information to boost the damp noise in Besti 9. addressed plenty of little pests that have been published via e-mail! Thank you for sending these in!

Plot notes 9.94

Besti 9.94 ================================== ==New Attributes== Kirin buddy tuition have become readily available. Kirins tend to be chimera animals which can be a mixture of some animals like horses, deer, dragons, etc. Extras currently put into make Kirin figures, specifically Various human anatomy kinds A Unique tail that partially tones itself with Find Out More about Plot records 9.94 […]

Spot records 9.93

Besti 9.93 ================================== ==New properties== A preview animation from a future regimen in which you let stallions reproduce together with other figures will come in the Animation Station world. I promise they’re okay. Got rid of a small censorship that Patreon made me place in. Reduced memory space incorporate during startup/removed a big Central Processing Unit increase after Read more about Plot records 9.93 […]

Spot notes 9.92

Besti 9.92 ================================== ==New properties== A collection of new dynamics changes stuff have now been added. Particularly: a hair style: Redeemed. A long-styled hair redhead hair for ponies that prefer to read an extended redemption arc. Bacon dyed I could say. A semi-new hair style: last Verse’s hair looks truly Read more about Patch records 9.92 […]

Plot notes 9.91

Besti 9.91 ================================== ==Bug repairs== set a problem which could cause an accident when going back to the key menu from an untracked VR scene. ==New properties== A new attitude is included for men and women company towards the Pony over the top situation. This Might Be an oral series can be done Read more about Spot notes 9.91 […]

Besti 9.90 ================================== ==New services== put three additional spawn-in animated graphics which will make that more fascinating. Extra a new conduct toward kneeling position labeled as Masturbate. This can be for female friends. The friend fingers herself available. Put another actions for the kneeling place called Lay Cutely. This might be for feminine friends. Read more about Spot notes 9.90 […]

Besti 9.89 IWTCIRD ================================== ==Core news== Backported the enhanced submesh handler from Besti X. This has an important improvement to GPU show. ==New functions== The lighting effects in Good Morning Cutie and good-night Cutie might increased. Brand new vocals pack “Athletic” built to satisfy one’s fancy about obtaining with a pegasus Read more about Patch records 9.89 […]

Besti 9.88 ================================== ==New Qualities== A Fresh voice pack has been added labeled as “Subservient Boyfriend.” This is a male vocals pack both composed and performed (quite expertly) by Dalken. It’s a Besti X set up prepare, but I grabbed a range from it to lip-sync and then make a Besti 9 prepare Read more about Patch notes 9.88 […]