Single Girl Blogging. 2-3 weeks ago I was given a message on OkCupid from one that would finest getting described as “effeminate.”

I’m one girl matchmaking in l . a .. Sometimes. It really is interesting.

Two to three weeks ago we gotten an email on OkCupid from a person who would greatest feel described as “effeminate.” The guy searched sort of like if Clay Aiken expanded a womb and then he and Adam Lambert had a magic adore kid. Okay whatever, I’m merely likely to be upright with you – he seemed super homosexual.

This was way beyond metrosexual. Their full, pouty lip area had been secure in gloss, his brows were shaped by Anatasia along with his locks is higher and coiffed than a Texas prom queen’s. Oh, and he furthermore uploaded a separate picture of his boots. And his mini puppy.

Whenever I revealed Claydam’s pics to my personal homosexual bf, the guy scoffed and cried, “Are you joking? This Person helps make me resemble freaking Paul Bunyan!”

But gay tendencies notwithstanding, the girly guy performed seem to be cultured, had work, mentioned he had beenn’t trying to find hookups, and is, well, quite fairly.

We exchanged a number of information on the webpage and he was actually the majority of gentlemanly. He set the comments on heavy, referring to me personally as “stunning” and “ravishing,” and I also thought we would disregard how homosexual that sounded and as an alternative just lapped it because narcissism.

The guy seemed extremely sweet, thus I gave your my personal numbers and now we relocated to texting. After concerning 4th book, he falls this little nugget on myself:

I’m perhaps not 100per cent sure exactly what the guy designed by “do sexual points to foot,” but I couldn’t assist imagining his penis poking around my pumps and arches, trying to find an entryway.

Now, we are extremely open-minded and in the morning not one to write off anyone as a result of a benign fetish. After all, foot rubs become a rather close 2nd to gender and I don’t care about some bottom sucking once in a while.

But how about getting a female a glass of drink or four if your wanting to spring something such as that on her? A foot fetish is not a dealbreaker however it ain’t anything your lead with, child!

We indicated that it was a feeling too quickly for sex chat and then he discussed he merely “felt most comfortable” beside me. Extremely confident with myself? We now haven’t also met, Twinkletoes!

Very lemme get this right… you keep this deep, dark colored key from all of your past paramours and basic people you arrive clean with is some haphazard girl from OkCupid with that you’ve traded a few texts?

It absolutely was quite much. And, perform i truly need another body part to get insecure about? My personal feet include insane hairy, I’ve got a garbanzo-sized callous on left huge any and my littlest piggies resemble bay shrimp. I’m at this time taking pleasure in this cold temperatures split from maintaining my toes polished and I’m perhaps not going to promote that upwards. Additionally, I directly declare I’m shit at giving hands tasks, and so I can’t envision my feet work online game will be any benefit.

Claydam texted me another day, desiring me a great day. The guy believed to please content him the whole day easily bring bored. But their instantaneous comfort with a complete complete stranger was actually something which made me go “hmm,” and though he might’ve been an incredible man with vibrant qualities, we understood from this point on out I’d always think of your since the toes fucker.

After some consideration I made a decision this tootsie had been going to roll and Claydam would only have to come across another female happy to bare their sole. (Do you get that? That was a foot pun. Personally I think like I have to refer to it as around because I’m worried some people won’t get it. GET IT?)

Right After Which This Took Place…

I gotn’t think most of Claydam since that time… until last night once this distressing picture enriched my myspace feed:

If you’re planning it looks like a severed base with a pussy made in from the amputation website, you’d feel correct. But whilst it is apparently a horrifying research present in Jeffrey Dahmer’s house, it really is, indeed, a $175 adult toy.

Known suitably due to the fact “Vajankle,” its websites represent it a “beautiful, super-realistic silicone leg” with “a functional vagina within the the surface of the ankle.”

“Usable” vagina! Tune in, marketing and advertising geniuses, let’s merely name a spade a spade and say “fuckable,” mmkay? Vaginas has a few various functionality, but I am able to state with a higher degree of confidence this particular thing are not accustomed eliminate menstrual bloodstream or delivery a child.

We honestly contemplated delivering this to Claydam. If he’s trying to pussyfoot in, it is their goddamned happy time. But what if this brings him ideas and that I awaken one night to your hovering above me personally wielding a meat cleaver in one hand and a needle and thread for the different? (this is the way my head operates.)

No, I’m scared Claydam’s simply browsing need to discover the Vajankle on his own. However, things informs me destiny will bring these two together, because demonstrably this will be a match produced in fetish paradise. And don’t forget, we totally believe in heart mates now.